We Were Promised to be Taken Care Of

My solo show We Were Promised to be Taken Care Of in Galleria Heino opened in 28th of April. Twelve new paintings and an installation Cave are up until 21st of May. Below are some installation shots and if you scroll down further you can find links to some reviews of the show.


Here is a link to interview I did with Around Journal: http://www.aroundjournal.com/erno-enkenberg-promised-taken-care/

Alexandra Marila’s review in Helsinki Art Guide: https://helsinki-art.com/exhibition-review-erno-enkenberg-we-were-promised-to-be-taken-care-of-at-galleria-heino/

And Otso Kantorpi’s article in Kansanuutiset (in Finnish): https://www.kansanuutiset.fi/artikkeli/3715864-otso-kantokorpi-lapset-vieraannuttajina


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